Company Overview
CWIN Technology was incorporated in 2003 concentrating highly on multimedia design and high-tech manufacturing.

We are committed to develop and produce innovative products and services in the teamwork environment that satisfy emerging customer needs. We are also dedicating ourselves to the expansion of Taiwan's technological industry.

CWIN Technology is a developer of consumer products, striving to be the best in the industry and deliver high quality products to our partners.

  Enjoy the Coming of the Technological Age
Full of endless creativity, CWIN's product design aims to enhance peoples' enjoyment of their daily life, bring enthusiasm and fulfill peoples' dreams; and creating excitement in peoples' life experiences.

CWIN technology changes not only the speed and convenience of peoples' lifestyle, but also brings happiness to peoples' lives.

We develop our products according to the changing technology of the future with added value and multi-usage.

We provide a variety of products and services that are essential to the market place and enable customers to win the market shares with a vision of industry direction and good communication with customers. We focus on designing the products with "high portability" and "energy efficiency" in the areas of multimedia and Internet communication. We also take a step beyond to improve multi-functionality and fulfillment of electronic roaming products needs.

  Importance of Intangible Assets
The values of enterprise not only depend on competitive products but also on many different kinds of intangible assets.

We try to build on the philosophy of "service priority" and to gain a trusting, cooperative relationship with customers to build a win-win situation.

CWIN technology will expand its business globally into Asian, European, and North American marketsand follows the philosophy of "customer first" worldwide. Besides maintaining a good customer relationship,

CWIN also dedicates time in developing high-tech skills and tries to partner with other industrial leaders around the world to become more efficient and produce higher quality products in order to achieve innovative ways of services. Knowing the values of knowledge in business,

CWIN maximizes the values in business by sharing experiences through working as a team.
With teamwork we can increase productivity and efficiency in order to develop top quality products and have a competitive edge in the market.

Having good customer relationships;highly skilled human resources; and fast learning teamwork systems are the most valuable intangible assets that make CWIN always on the top of the market place.